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Alison Hill

Alison hill founded Cheltenham executive cleaning company in November 2018, she felt that there was a lack of exclusiveness to the cleaning industry. Alison has worked all over the world in the last 30 years, for some of the most influential people Her family are based in New York and are in real estate, and eventually, she wants to open up her business their, so she will be cheltenham and new York based. Alison has the breadth of experience and believes that everyone's home should have their own unique individual touch. Alison is very much hands-on and personally trains and vets her staff to the highest standards, Alison also doesn't call her staff cleaners she prefers housekeeper as this is what they are, taking care of your home. Cheltenham executive cleaning company also offers to look after your home whilst your away on holiday, checking the post watering the plants and just making sure your home is safe Cheltenham executive cleaning company Luxury housekeeping with an approachable, tailored and individual touch.

Ok, why choose us?

You need a domestic cleaner but how do you decide which company to use? Will you be able to afford it? How can you be sure you can trust a stranger in your home with your precious belongings? All good questions... There’s a simple answer to them: choose us. We are affordable, offer outstanding customer service and our cleaners are the best of the best.

A service tailored to you

We offer a tailored service so you can choose exactly what you want. From choosing the day you would like your cleaner to visit, what time you would like them to arrive, and more, we can do it all. Nobody knows your home better than you do – our aim is to clean your home just the way you like it!

Best Domestic Cleaner in Cheltenham

For domestic cleans, at Cheltenham's Executive Cleaning Company we are always more than happy to provide our services to you. We offer a highly professional, cost-effective domestic cleaning service. We specialise in regular cleaning and take pride in the tailored service you can receive with us. If you need your family home or your flat sorting out, please give us a call on 01242300552.


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